What summer feels like

Auteur Johnny Loco

The beach and the sun together make a perfect pair for a relaxing day without worries. A kind of hakuna matata.

The combination of the sun, a clear blue sky and a slight breeze creates the perfect conditions to fully enjoy your day not only on the beach, but also getting there and the journey home. Don’t forget to take your sunglasses, sunscreen and beach towel, and invite your friends to join you! And the golden tip: Go by bike. Obviously, you are not the only one wanting to enjoy the coolness of the sea and the warmth of the sun. By leaving early in the morning, you will have a refreshing and healthy start to the day. And there’ll be no chance of finding yourself in a traffic jam.

 Johnny will help you to enjoy your beachy day even more. What about making your trip on a stylish Touring Cruiser or taking your luggage with you on the front carrier of the Beach Cruiser? The sun is your friend, but can also be an enemy to your eyes. Luckily Johnny Loco has a wide variety of sunglasses for him and her. Check out our online collection  to see what frame and color suit you best. And when you are relaxing there, losing track of time, the Luna Watch  will remind you – in or out of the water, because the Luna Watch is waterproof up to 100 metres in depth. Enjoy these fine moments with your friends or family, but protect your skin and apply sunscreen every couple of hours. And don’t forget to eat and drink! How about treating your friends to an ice cream, cooling off and hydrating at the same time?

Are you enjoying your summer as much as we are? Then show us! Use #johnnyloco  and share your special moments.